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LRM status Message Board

by LRM Support Updated  Nov. 2018


►Status - Operational

LRM upgraded to version 3.2


►To add chemicals and things not listed in LRM dropdowns (except vendors/customers) email support at

►To add vendors and customers to LRM there's a process in place where background checks and compliance approval is necessary. Please email sh-contracts e-mail and LRM support with W-9 and banking information. Once it is setup in D365 it will automatically show up in LRM about 2 hours later

►For Site Prep, please make sure all stands you're adding in the contract are already updated to cutover. If not, please send the Database Update Template for them (which you can find in the remote Maps and Files folder) to
►If you are having problems to access LRM from the site it's probably because your password is expired as it does every 6 months. Try to login again and you'll a discret reset password link underneath the password box. Click there and change your password. Check the detailed guide for more information
►If your spatial view is acting up displaying a drawing error and stands are not colored, please follow the instructions on this guide to purge your local layers and fix it.
►DO NOT ENTER REPLANTINGS IN LRM IF (FAIL) STANDS ARE MARKED AS PLANTED (PULB-2018 for instance). IT WILL BE REJECTED BY D365. You have to go to btg_edits to set them back as cutover.


►Silviculture services contracts for Fertilization, Inventory, Pest Control, Regeneration (planting), Release and Site prep. The only exception is general services not done at stand level like fences or road maintenance

for instance. These will go to FA directly.

►Timber sales contracts. All of them Lumpsum and PaC need to be

initiated in LRM from August 2018 and on.

►All disposition and acquisition of partial or full tracts need to be informed to btg.edits/LRM support emails as they happen.

►Any event such as fire, wind damage, any spatial changes or corrections must be informed immediately on the shared mailboxes. Include a shapefile or kmz.

Training Resources (PDF and Video)


Cengea LRM Webex Training

David Presents a session on how to enter contracts in LRM in a very detailed way

LRM - Creating Silviculture Contracts 

A captioned video showing how to enter silviculture contracts in LRM

LRM - Creating Timber Sales Contracts in LRM

A captioned video showing how to access LRM and enter harvest activities and create TS contracts

Attaching Docs in LRM

A captioned video showing how to close TS contracts and enter documents, audit files and cutout reports in LRM