- Although it shouldn't happen often, if you have a Silviculture Contract (PO) for an amount of acres and a given rate and you need to change that for some operational reason so you can get the invoice paid, please submit an email to lrm.support@ttgforestry.com, Donna.Cavaliere@ttgforestry.com and the Asset Manager explaining why the difference to the signed legal document and requesting the change in rate/acreage. Please make it clear for what PO, contract # and stand that applies.


- To add chemicals and things not listed in LRM dropdowns (except vendors/customers) email support at lrm.support@ttgforestry.com




- There is a process in place in order to add a new VENDOR to LRM dropdown list. Background check and compliance approval is necessary. Please download the following FORM filled out to the email SH-FundAdmin-Timber@btgpactual.com e-mail and LRM support with W-9 and banking information. Once it is setup in D365 it will automatically show up in LRM about 2 hours later;
-For a new Customer such as logger/mills, please download and fill out this form and e-mail it to the same e-mail addresses above.




- For Site Prep contracts, please make sure all stands you're adding in the contract are already updated to cutover status. Try not to anticipate contract entry in LRM if the stands are still timbered. If they are already cut but not showing up correctly in LRM, use the Database Update Template  (which you can find in the remote Maps and Files folder) and ask ttg.edits@ttgforestry.com to make the necessary map updates. LRM will ask you if you really want to activate a site prep activity on a planted stand. If you say yes you must remember to close it later by submitting a map update. If you don't do that depletions will be wrong'and the FSP will be held accountable.

- If you are having problems to access LRM from the remote.ttgforestry.com site it's probably because your password is expired as it does every 6 months. Try to login again and you'll a discret reset password link underneath the password box. Click there and change your password. Check the detailed guide for more information

- If your spatial view is acting up displaying a drawing error and stands are not colored, please follow the instructions on this guide to purge your local layers and fix it.

- DO NOT ENTER REPLANTINGS IN LRM IF (FAIL) STANDS ARE MARKED AS PLANTED (PULB-2018, for instance). IT WILL BE REJECTED BY D365. You have to go to ttg_edits@ttgforestry.com and ask them to set stand back to cutover.





- Silviculture services contracts for Fertilization, Inventory, Pest Control, Regeneration (planting), Release and Site prep ONLY. General services that aren't  done at stand level like fence work and road maintenance , for example, should be sent directly to Fund Services.



- Timber sales contracts  -> All Lump sum and Pay-as-Cut contracts need to be initiated in LRM starting on August 2018.



- All disposition and acquisition of partial or full tracts need to be informed to ttg_edits@ttgforestry.com and LRM support emails as soon as they happen. Disposition form should follow.


- Any damaging event such as wildfires, tornado/hurricane/wind damage or any spatial corrections and map updates must be informed immediately on the shared mailboxes (TTG Edtis and LRM Support). Please include a shapefile, kmz or even a hand drawing will help.