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We're in Q3-2020 ! Please send your map updates and inventory loads to ttg_edits timely. This quarter's deadline is September 20th. A major LRM upgrade to vesion 4.2 is scheduled for July 2020 so please keep that in mind and anticipate your needs and requests.

Quick FAQ

Map updates, inventory updates and estimates, Land sales spatial updates, silv and TS ops updates and anything related to register update should be submitted to

Blackout period is usually a period of 10 days prior of quarter-end where the staff hold off any new updates in the system in order to generate client reports without the daily flactuation in the market value we normally observe due to regular operations. During it no map updates, inventory loads, TS contract closing or creation is allowed. Silviculture contract creation and payment requests are allowed.

LRM Support email is available so users can request help with the usage of the LRM system and Contract Management only. Email your question to Expect to receive an answer within 2 business hours unless there is a message here saying that support is not available during that week.
-Do not contact LRM support with procedures and update questions. This should be addressed on other emails and by different groups such as Asset Managers, Data Managers, etc.

Check out the "Special Instructions Menu" for more details. Usually what needs to be in LRM are silviculture services contracts for Fertilization, Inventory, Pest Control, Regeneration (planting), Release and Site prep ONLY. General services that aren't done at stand level like fence work and road maintenance , for example, should be sent directly to Fund Services.
- Timber sales contracts -> All Lump sum and Pay-as-Cut contracts need to be initiated in LRM starting on August 2018.

We don't provide phone support but we do provide Webex sessions on demand to clarify points that are fuzzy in the user guide or any system-related questions that the FSPs have. To get stated, please e-mail and request to schedule a screen-sharing session on the

- There is a process in place in order to add a new VENDOR to LRM dropdown list. Background check and compliance approval is necessary. Please download the this form filled out to the email e-mail and LRM support with W-9 and banking information. Once it is setup in D365 it will automatically show up in LRM about 2 hours later;
-For a new Customer such as logger/mills, please download and fill out this form and e-mail it to the same e-mail addresses above.